The Tree Farmer

By Chuck Leavell, Nicholas Cravotta

This is the story of a tree farmer, his love of the land and his appreciation for the beauty of trees and forests. As he shares that love, he is challenged by his grandson to explain how he can grow beautiful trees only to cut them down. Ready to meet that challenge, the tree farmer shares his knowledge and understanding of trees as a renewable resource. He also shares his love of the products trees provide and how they touch the souls of the people whose lives they grace. The author (Rolling Stones' keyboardist Chuck Leavell) shares his second life as a tree farmer. This is a book that shares a farmer's love of the land and wise use of its resources. It reaches out to touch the heart of the reader in a way few accurate books about agriculture do. Most books connect to the public's feelings only when they are tearing down agriculture or modern agricultural practices. This is exactly the type of book we need to reconnect the public to those who produce their food, forest and renewable fuels products.
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