What is Ag Literacy?

Ag literacy is the understanding and knowledge of agriculture and its impact on society

An agriculturally literate person understands how the agricultural industry works – not just where food comes from, but who grows it, agriculture’s effect on the economy, environment, technology, lifestyle and its relationship to livestock.

Ways to become
agriculturally literate

Explore Agriculture Through Reading

Explore a world of knowledge through books and resources from American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture that reveal interesting and accurate details about agriculture. From farming practices and sustainable food production, to the intricate relationship between agriculture and our daily lives, start by visiting the recommended books section of this site.

Discover Agriculture Up Close

Go on a farm tour or visit an agricultural event such as a state fair or a farmers market. Gain up-close experiences and firsthand insights into the diverse world of farming and ranching. Ask questions, learn something new – you might even get a free sample of something delicious! Check out the American Farm Trail App to find an opportunity near you.

Dive Into Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at a farm collective or participate in a community garden to get real-world experience with agricultural activities. Learn practical skills, connect with the farming community, and develop a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication required for agriculture.

Connect with Agriculture Communities

Engage with an agricultural organization such as 4-H, FFA, Ag in the Classroom, or your local Farm Bureau. Join a supportive network, access valuable resources, and participate in educational events to foster a deeper understanding and connection with the agricultural community.

Let Curiosity Drive You

In a world where misinformation can easily spread, it's important to break out of our comfort zones, seek reliable sources, and gather the facts firsthand. By cultivating a curiosity-driven approach and understanding the intricacies of agriculture, we can form well-informed perspectives, make conscious choices, and appreciate the vital role it plays in our lives. Start with the Common Questions About Ag section of our website.

Discover Where Your Food Comes From

Don't know where to start? Take a look at your plate. What kinds of foods do you like to eat? Where do they grow and how do they get to you? Explore some of our articles like "Where does sugar come from" and "Pickles Are Really Cucumbers and 5 Other Food Facts That May Surprise Your Kids."

Confidently use the Pillars of Ag Literacy, so that you can save time and energy with your ag literacy efforts.