American Farm Trail

We are proud to introduce the American Farm Trail App. It’s a new way for agricultural tourism operations to list their attractions, bring in new visitors and to generate more revenue. This service provides easy tools that will help you to create and promote a listing that will benefit both well-established and up-and-coming attractions. There are helpful tips to help you welcome new visitors to your farm, or to find and market your business to new audiences.

Did we mention that this service is 100% free? There is no cost to download, it’s free to create a listing, there are no ads, and your data will never be sold or traded away. We believe that our nation will be stronger and our farmers will be better off, if more Americans understand where their food comes from.
That’s why we’re doing it!

This project is both a website and an app. If you want to be listed on both, you’ll need to create an account and manage your information here on the website. Once you’ve created a listing, it will be reviewed by our editorial team. After approval, it will appear on the mobile app.

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