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Increase agricultural literacy among educators, students, and the general public.

Our mission is to build awareness, understanding, and a positive public perception of agriculture through education. We do so by developing and distributing educational resources, curriculum materials, and programs that promote a better understanding of agriculture's importance and its role in daily life. Through partnerships and initiatives, we work to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, fostering a greater appreciation for the food, fiber and fuel produced by American farmer and ranchers.

Produce Accurate Learning Resources

Don't know where to start? Take a look at your plate. What kinds of foods do you like to eat? Where do they grow and how do they get to you? Explore some of our articles like "Where does sugar come from" and "Pickles are Cumbers and other surprising ag facts.”

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A collection of ag literacy resources

Food and Farm Facts is one of many publications we produce for homes and classrooms.

A product image demonstrating a helpful farm finder application on a phone

The American Farm Trail App offers agritourism opportunities across the nation.

Increase Public Understanding of Ag

Through our website, we offer answers to common questions about agriculture. There are also games and activities designed for children, fostering ag literacy and curiosity. Additionally, we offer a guide to explore nearby agritourism opportunities that promote a deeper understanding of farming practices and the rich experiences available in the world of agriculture.”

Common Questions About Ag

Connect STEM to Agriculture

We believe that agriculture provides an expansive realm of relatable STEM learning opportunities. From understanding the science behind crop growth and animal health to exploring the technology used in modern farming practices, agriculture offers hands-on experiences that ignite curiosity and foster critical thinking skills. After all, everyone eats, making agriculture a relevant and engaging pathway for learning about science, technology, engineering, and math.

A teacher participating in an in-the-field learning experience

The On The Farm STEM Experience is an opportuity for educators to participate in hands-on STEM learning scenarios while earning continuing education credits.

A community of volunteers and professionals

White-Reinhardt scholarship winners Ten educators are selected each year to receive a scholarship to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference.

Build Community

We are grateful for the incredible strength and importance of our community of agricultural professionals, volunteers, and donors. Their unwavering support powers our organization and drives the advancement of agricultural literacy, allowing us to make a meaningful impact on educating the public about the vital role of agriculture in our daily lives.


Publish Children’s Books

Children's books are a powerful tool for education, engagement, and exploring the world. Feeding Minds Press, the publishing arm of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, looks to create books that captivate children as well as inspire them to be curious about where their food comes from. Feeding Minds Press publishes books with a focus on modern agricultural practices and introduces readers to the exciting ways farmers innovate to help agriculture be more sustainable.

Renee Kurilla signs copies of her popular book

Renee Kurilla signs copies of Right This Very Minute: A table-to-farm book about food and farming Available from Feeding Minds Press.

Young students participating in a learning activity

Image from AFBFA’s booth at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

Inspire Careers in Ag

It is vital to inspire and cultivate a future generation of workers to ensure the sustainability and advancement of the agriculture industry. By showcasing the diverse range of fascinating careers in agriculture, from agronomists to agricultural engineers and beyond, we can ignite passion and curiosity in young minds, encouraging them to pursue rewarding paths that contribute to feeding the world and addressing global challenges.

Ag Career Resources

Annual Report

Thank you to all of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for helping us further our mission of agricultural literacy. We’re proud of the work we have accomplished together and are excited for 2023!

Check out our 2022 Annual Report to view a complete list of donors and to see what you helped us accomplish.

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