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Christina Sue Lilja
Resource Grants

Christina Sue Lilja
Dec 4, 1962 - Aug 3, 2019

Christina Sue Lilja Resource Grants provides funds for educators to purchase ag literacy resources from the Ag Foundation store.

Christina Sue Lilja Resource Grants (formerly known as White-Reinhardt Resource Grants) are made possible by the CSL Foundation.

The CSL Foundation was established to carry on late AFBFA director Christy Lilja's beliefs of helping others in need and to continue to advocate for educating K-12 teachers and students about the importance of agriculture.

The purpose of these grants is to provide funds to educators to enable them to purchase accurate agricultural literacy materials from the AFBFA store for use in their classrooms. By providing this grant, AFBFA hopes to help students gain access to more accurate information about agriculture.

2022 Winners

Nydia Alvarez-Alonzo, TX
Lisa Kruse, IA
Jessica Angel, AR
Nita Landers, AL
Sara Barton, IL
Glenda Linse, NE
Trinity Baumann, MT
Elisha Lonergan, IL
Lori Bongert, WI
Christina Loyd, AR
Kristi Boyd, AL
Cathy Lyles, KY
Brinson Brock, GA
Kristan M Nalezny, MN
Haley Broussard, LA
Katrina Madok, FL
Louis Chugranis, NY
Summee Major, TN
Kim Clemmons, IL
Elaine Makarevich, NJ
Liam Conroy, KS
Jackie Manno, PA
Caraline Cook, GA
Amanda McGaughey, GA
Sherri Day, MI
Sarah McVaigh, IL
Michele DeBauch, WI
Marie Minish, GA
Barbara Doney, MD
Laura Moss, TN
Alison Dryman, MD
Natalie Murray, GA
Kelsey Dugan, CA
Donna Musick, VA
Ashley Dulin-Smith, OH
Kylie Nicholson, OK
Nancy Dunbar, TN
Connie Olsen, MT
Gina Ericson, IA
Lorilyn Owen, AL
Amanda Ferguson, CA 
Stephanie Paige, GA

Kate Feuerstein, MI
Erin Patrick, LA
LaDonna Forester, OK
Andrea Pohlman, IL
Kammie Frady, SC
Melissa Pressley, SC
Heather Freeland, PA
Melisa Reidenhour, PA
Jenni Godbey, KY
Bethany Riley, LA
Alex Goggin, KY
Jean Rock, MI
Angeline Green, AL
Gerardo Roman, CA
Robin Halicki, IL
Jodi Schrick, IA
Bradley Hall, GA
Kathy Schumacher, WI
Tana Heath, VA
Meagan Seabolt, GA
Stacey Higgins, OH
Aliana Shepard, VA
Leah Hodgson, IL
Dara Sterly, MI
Wendi Hord, OH
Kathryn Tharrington, NC
Leesa Hubbard, TN
Hadley Thyfault, KS
Katie Isler, OH
Katy Urbanek, IA
Mallory Jenness, IL
Aaron Walker, OH
Molly Jeppesen, MI
Tracey Walsh, SD
Kristen Kane, NC
Stacey Watts, NE
Aubrey Kieffer, IA
Kaysie Webb, GA
Michelle Kish, TX
Pat Wehner, MI
Audra Knop, AL
Sara Will, GA
Kelli Kohman, KS

Application Guidelines

  • Applications are due July 21, 2023. 
  • All applicants will receive notification by July 25, 2023. (Due to technical errors, notifications have been delayed. Please expect to recieve a status update in the coming days.)
  • For 2023, 120 educators will be awarded $100 in store credits.
  • If more than 120 educators apply for these grants, eligible educators will be randomly selected to receive the grants.
  • Grantees will be issued a $100 credit to the AFBFA store. This credit may only be used on AFBFA resource items. A list will be provided of unacceptable purchases. We expect the purchases to be made by August 31, 2023. If the grant is not used by August 31, AFBFA reserves the right to revoke the grant, and make the grant available to someone else.
  • Following purchase, grantees are required to send a copy of their order receipt to within seven days of purchase so a confirmation that funds have been properly spent can be made.
  • Since much of our funding comes from individual donors, grantees will be asked to write a thank you note to a donor explaining how they plan to use the purchased materials. Notes should be submitted no later than 1 month after purchase has been made.
  • Grantees will be asked, but not required, to take a picture of themselves or their students using the materials and send it to AFBFA. NOTE: If students are in photos a photo release form must be signed by a guardian of each student.


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