Food & Ag Center
for Science Education

The Food and Agriculture Center for Science Education (The Center) is a platform of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture dedicated to enhancing scientific and agricultural literacy by expanding access to agriculture. The Center accomplishes this by providing immersive professional learning opportunities for educators, high-quality instructional materials designed for the Next Generation Science Standards, and collaborative partnerships between educators and agricultural experts.

The vision of The Center is that each student in every school has an opportunity to engage with food and agriculture through their K-12 science curriculum. Several studies have demonstrated the need to significantly increase the world’s food production by the year 2050. The solutions to these challenges will need to be diverse, innovative, and rooted in science and agriculture.

The Food and Agriculture Center for Science Education exists to connect all students to agriculture through science education and to increase diversity in agricultural sciences by reaching students of all backgrounds.

Confidently use the Pillars of Ag Literacy, so that you can save time and energy with your ag literacy efforts.