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We are proud of the support we receive from donors, volunteers, industry professionals, and educators. The strength of our community is reflected in the power our organization holds, enabling us to make a meaningful impact in promoting agricultural literacy.

Ag literacy for youth Ag literacy for teachers Ag literacy for farmers Ag literacy for the community
An ag literacy volunteer helps a young child
Isabella Chism Chair, AFB Women's Leadership Chair, Isabella Chism, helps lead a fun classroom activity about agriculture.


Volunteers play a crucial role in advancing ag literacy by distributing educational materials, visiting classrooms, providing booth support at conferences and fairs, and actively engaging in spreading awareness through social participation and word-of-mouth.

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Agricultural Communities

Agricultural communities, recognizing the significance of educating future generations, provide unwavering support, enabling us to promote ag literacy, preserve their cherished traditions, and ensure the sustainability of their way of life.

Food & Ag Industry

Food and agricultural businesses play a vital role by providing resources, expertise, and financial backing, allowing us to expand our reach and impact in promoting ag literacy. Their partnership strengthens our efforts and enables us to create a lasting difference in agricultural education.

Parents & Public

Curiosity and engagement from those who are interested in food and agriculture contribute to raising awareness about the importance of the sustainable production of food. By supporting us, they actively participate in fostering ag literacy, ensuring a well-informed society that values and appreciates the journey from farm to table.


Educators form the heart of our community, utilizing our materials and training opportunities to gain free continuing education credit hours and other benefits while promoting agricultural literacy in their classrooms.

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A student smiles directly at the viewer. A helpful volunteer is in the background


Daniel Meloy

Daniel Meloy
Executive Director

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Julia Recko
Senior Director
Publishing and Education Outreach

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Sydney Andrews
Director, Project Management

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Chris Young
Assistant Director, Foundation Communications and Marketing

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Lorrin Davis
Project Assistant


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