Farm books | Mar 28, 2021

21 Best Farm Books for Kids 2021

An excellent list of 21 farm books for kids for 2021.

Farm books post

Are you looking for some amazing farm books for kids? These books are best for 4 years old and up.

These are in no particular order:

  1. Right This Very Minute – great for a table to farm look at food.

  2. Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish – great for understanding the dairy industry.

  3. My Family’s Soybean Farm – all about soybeans!

  4. How to Grow a Monster – a scientific approach to growing zucchini with a twist.

  5. How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? – a farm to lunchbox look at familiar foods.

  6. John Deere, That’s Who! – a fun look at John Deere who played a role in agriculture’s history.

  7. Seed Soil Sun – earth’s recipe for food is excellent for younger readers.

  8. Apple Orchard Riddle – all about apples with a lesson about how being different is beneficial.

  9. How to Grow an Apple Pie – a family friendly read.

  10. The Bug Girl – about a girl who loves bugs.

  11.  Zee Grows a Tree – lots of Christmas tree facts.

  12. All Gail Gibbons titles – Most of her food and farming titles are older, but still excellent.

  13. Full of Beans – Henry Ford took soybeans to work.

  14. PB&J Hooray – another farm to food story using a familiar food to children.

  15. Time for Cranberries – an excellent look at one of America’s native crops and some of the technology used to harvest it.

  16. Grandpa’s Garden – a good way to introduce young readers to gardening.

  17. Sylvia’s Spinach – Sylvia hates spinach until she grows some for school. Great for picky eaters.

  18. Honeybee – a beautiful story of a honeybee life cycle.

  19. Hey Hey Hay – a good look at how hay grows and is harvested.

  20. Maple Syrup from the Sugarhouse – maple syrup doesn’t just come from trees - there is whole process.

  21. First Peas to the Table – a friendly competition and the scientific method meet history in this excellent ag book.

How do you pick a good book about food and farming? Look for modern agricultural practices and science information. Look for a good story or good writing paired with facts about food and farming that help young readers understand how food grows and gets to them!  Make sure there are no stereotypes of farmers like overalls and straw hats. Finally, make sure there are no unsafe farming practices or situations depicted.

Looking for more great farm books for kids? Search by topic on our recommended publications list here. 

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