At home learning | Apr 22, 2021

At Home Learning April 26

What do you wonder?

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Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We have been offering weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! Starting in May 2021 we will shift our At Home Learning from weekly updates to montly updates. These monthly at home learning ideas will be  curated lists of ideas that do not build on each other and can be done in any order.Thanks for joining us for weekly updates! See you in May for the beginning of monthly updates.

What do you wonder? Asking questions is a vital skill for any scientist! This week on at home learning we are wondering about food!


Write a WONDERful poem about food. Write a poem describing a food, then read it to a friend to see if they can guess which kind of food it is!<\/p>

Design an easy experiment with the help of an adult. Experiments start with questions! Ask a question like "does ice cream melt faster if you add toppings?" Use the scientific method to find out the answer! Get some inspiration here<\/a> and here <\/a><\/p>

Kids wonder about dairy! In this podcast, Kids Ask, Farmer Says<\/a>, you learn about life on a dairy farm.<\/p>

More curiosity –What questions do other kids have about food? Check out the channel Kids Questions about Agriculture Answered<\/a> then ask your own questions! Submit a question here<\/a>.<\/p>

Start a weekly wonder journal. Dedicate a notebook or staple a few pieces of paper together for a journal. During the week write down questions you have about anything! At the end of the week take a look to see if you learned anything new from asking your questions. <\/p>","language":"html"}

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