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At home Learning Feb 22

Did you know cucumbers are pickles? Learn some other facts that may surprise you!

Did you know

Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We will do our best to offer weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! These activities will all be free to access and share. Our weekly activities do not build on each other, but are individual and can be done in any order. 

Did you know cucumbers are pickles? Learn some other facts that may surprise you! 


Collect the facts listed in this week's At Home Learning page and make your own \"Did You Know?\" book to share with friends and family. Or you could create a fun trivia game with the facts! <\/p>

Did you know? Pickles are cucumbers! <\/strong>Crunchy, sour, salty or sweet – pickles all start the same way, as cucumbers! Cucumbers grow on vines or on a cucumber bush. They like hot temperatures and a lot of water! Kirby or Persian cucumbers are often used for pickling. After they are picked they are washed and then soaked in a pickling solution often made with water, salt, spices and vinegar.<\/p>


Make your own pickles at home!<\/a><\/p>

Bonus did you know - pickling science is REAL. Check out this video<\/a> from Nat Geo about scientists are making a \"greener\" pickle. <\/p>

Did you know? Not all cows are black and white!<\/strong> Use a kid friendly search engine like Kiddle <\/a>to find 3 more colors cows come in! Now that you have some ideas, get your pencils to take a stab at drawing a cow<\/a> with Ward Jenkins, illustrator of \"Chuck's Ice Cream Wish\". Ward draws a black and white cow - but maybe you color yours a different way!<\/p>

Did you know? Goats and sheep are two different animals!<\/strong> Again you can use kid friendly search engine Kiddle<\/a>. Make a list of their differences and create a Venn Diagram.<\/p>

Here is a bit of info to get you started:<\/strong><\/p>

Goats and sheep have many similarities, but they are different animals! Most goats have hair coats that do not need to be cut. Sheep grow wooly coats that DO need to be sheared. Sheep are "grazers"- they amble along slowly eating short plants that are close to the ground like grass. Goats on the other hand are "browsers" and they look for leaves, twigs, vines and shrubs. Goats are also more naturally curious and independent while sheep get agitated when they are separated from their flock.<\/p>

Did you know? Mushrooms grow in the dark! <\/strong>Read this blog together<\/a> or listen to it being read aloud<\/a>, then write out 3 facts you didn 't know before.<\/p>

Do you know your pants might be plants?<\/strong> If you are wearing jeans or other clothing made out of cotton - you are wearing plants! Cotton is a fiber that comes from a cotton plant! Watch how cotton <\/a>is taken from the field and processed. <\/p>

Bonus!<\/strong> Did you know raisins are dried grapes? Hope you have fun surpising friends and family with these fun facts!<\/p>","language":"html"}

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