At home learning | Sep 29, 2021

At Home Learning for October

It is October so this month's at home learning activities are all about pumpkins!

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Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! Here we have agriculture and farming book suggestions and activities you can do at home. These activities do not build on each other and can be done in any order. 

It is October so this month's at home learning activities are all about pumpkins! Please note, the last monthly At Home Learning activities will be in December 2021.

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Did you know there are a bunch of different kinds of pumpkins? Read this blog to learn more about a few varieties!

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Practice counting while also learning about parts of a pumpkin in this free lesson from Farm a Month.

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In this K-2 lesson from the National Center for Agricultural Literacy, students explore the phenomena of a decomposing pumpkin. The lesson includes a cool video time lapse of a decomposing pumpkin!

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Have older students read the free printable book “The Prized Pumpkin” from Feeding Minds Press. After finishing, have them write a paragraph summarizing what they learned.

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In this STEM activity, it is actually ok to throw food! Make a candy pumpkin catapult and see how far the candy pumpkins can go.

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Recommended books

Pumpkin Countdown

The Pumpkin Book

Pumpkin Circle

Pumpkin (See It Grow)

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?

Pick a Pumpkin (while not a true accurate ag book, this book was too adorable to not include!)

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Bonus: Find a local pumpkin patch and see the growing process firsthand. Need help finding one? Try

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