At home learning | Jan 10, 2021

At Home Learning Jan 11

This week? Wonderful Wheat!

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Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We will do our best to offer weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! These activities will all be free to access and share. Our weekly activities do not build on each other, but are individual and can be done in any order.

This week we are looking at wonderful wheat! 

It's winter! That means Winter Wheat! Learn about it in this Read Aloud Ecomic.

Ready for a brain teaser? Try this Wheat Word Problem:

5 bushels of wheat can make 210 loaves of bread. If each loaf has 22 slices of bread, how many sandwiches (that use 2 slices per sandwich) can 5 bushels of wheat make?

While we don 't love anthropomorphic animals, but it is hard to argue against the classic story of The Little Red Hen. Not only does it have a nice moral, it does a great job of showing the steps of planting, harvesting, milling and baking wheat into cake or bread. You can expand learning with this lesson from Ag in the classroom

Wheat Scavenger Hunt: Go through your kitchen and find things that contain wheat! Make a list then give it to a family member to see if they can find everything on your list! You can make it more fun by breaking the list down into whole wheat vs white wheat. Need to know the difference? Check out this video.

Craft idea! Draw out a stalk of wheat using a black marker, then have your student glue penne pasta as the kernels and spaghetti pieces as the stems.

Bonus: Looking for more information about Wonderful Wheat? Get our Wheat Ag Mag.

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