At home learning | Jan 24, 2021

At Home Learning Jan 25

How do we grow some crops year round?

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Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We will do our best to offer weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! These activities will all be free to access and share. Our weekly activities do not build on each other, but are individual and can be done in any order.

It's still how do we grow some crops year round? Greenhouses! Let's look at greenhouses this week. 

Watch the video: How does a greenhouse work? Then draw a picture showing the answer.

Make your own mini greenhouse!

What grows in greenhouses? With an adult's help, use kid friendly search site to research what grows in greenhouses. Write a few sentences about the types of foods grown in greenhouses!

Practice your math skills with the game Farmers Market Challenge

Greenhouses can vary in size, but this video showing a greenhouse in Wyoming is truly extraordinary!


While this book doesn 't specifically feature a greenhouse it is a very sweet read - Grandpa's Garden

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