At home learning | Apr 29, 2021

At Home Learning May 2021

At home learning fun for May 2021!

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Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! Here we have agriculture and farming book suggestions and activities you can do at home. These activities do not build on each other and can be done in any order.

Here's what we have for May!

Read a book! Check out these 4 Recommended books. Look for them in your local library, or we have found some read alouds you can watch.

Hatching Chicks in Room 6

Chickens by Gail Gibbons

Seed Soil Sun by Cris Peterson

LOOK FOR: Gwendolyn 's Pet Garden – Be one of the first to get a great new garden book. This one publishes May 18th.

Soil Sam - grow grass seeds to give Sam some hair!

Ever see a rubber egg? Try this eggsperiment!

Get your thinking hat on and try you luck at the Egg Drop Challenge.

An idea for toddlers!

Count your eggs

  • Plastic Eggs
  • Egg Carton
  • Marker
  • 12 pieces of paper cut to fit in the eggs

Number the paper 1-12 and fill eggs - one with each number. Number the inside bottom of the egg cartons 1-12. Hide the eggs around your house and when your little one finds an egg open it and name the number. When all the eggs are found put them in order from 1-12 in the marked egg carton.

An idea for older kids!

Purple Plow Challenge Seed Sprout! challenge Grades 5-12

Chicken Challenge! Play an Egg-Citing Poultry game on My American Farm.


Recipe challenge! Challenge someone in your house to an omelet contest – using the ingredients in your house, whip up one omelet each, then have a third person be the taste tester and declare a winner!

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