At home learning | Nov 29, 2020

At Home Learning Nov 30

What happens when you have leftover scraps like potato peels and banana peels and all those peels? Do they go in the trash? Did you know there is something ELSE you can do?


Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We will do our best to offer weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! These activities will all be free to access and share. Our weekly activities do not build on each other, but are individual and can be done in any order.

Leftovers on the brain still? This week we are crazy for composting! Check out these resources to help your young learner understand what composting is and how to do it at home.


Come up with a food waste plan in your house – how can you waste less food? Meal planning? Composting? Checking expiration dates? Donating? Freezing food? Make a plan and post it to your refrigerator!<\/p>

Did you pick composting in your plan? How can you start to compost? Watch this video<\/a> for an easy at home option! For more composting options check out these ideas.<\/a><\/p>

Compost Crazy? Read \"Compost Stew<\/a>" or watch a read aloud version on YouTube! For older students read about a real food waste champion in this blog post<\/a>.<\/p>

Finally check out Stop the Rot<\/a> and the Food Waste Ag Mag<\/a> for more.<\/p>","language":"html"}

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