Projects | Aug 31, 2023

4 Easy Button Activities & Displays for Fairs

We have a plethora of resources to make incorporating ag literacy into your fair display easy!

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We have a plethora of resources to make incorporating ag literacy into your fair display easy!

1. My American Farm Display Kit

Take students into the corn field, dairy parlor, machine shed or Farmer’s Market with life-sized banners and supporting resources in our My American Farm Display Kit!

Each display is meant to be used to create a learning experience. The banners come with printable pick up cards that are full of questions for different aged fairgoers. You can order them or get them printed through your favorite local printer! 

Learn more here.

2. Barn Banners

Want to make a BIG impact at your farm or fair? Do it with Learn about Livestock and Learn about Crops banners! You can even personalize with your own logo.

Learn about Livestock Banners highlight fun facts, life cycle, animal care and much more! Banners come in retractable, hanging and tabletop versions covering: horse, beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goat, and poultry. The new crop banners cover major commodities and specialty crops. 

You can order here.

3. My American Farm Gaming Area

My American Farm is an online educational gaming platform that lets students learn about agriculture while having fun. You can take My American Farm offline by downloading the kiosk version for computer or downloading the app for tablet. Learn more here!

Make sure to also check out the My American Farm apps you can play on your iOS or Android device. 

4. Food Science Fun Student Workshop Series

Food Science Fun compiles 10 of our most popular hands-on activities used at fairs and events. This free resource includes a faciliator's guide with step-by-step directions to make these activities to incorporate into your event or fair. Download here!

BONUS: Ideas for giveaways

Looking for some fun giveaways? We have a few ideas:

Ag Mags- Sold in bundles of 30, these non-fiction readers are national learning standards-aligned and cover engaging topics like Pizza, Apples and more.

Stickers- Kids love stickers and these are perfect to give away to kids who stop by your booth.

2021 Food and Farm Facts Pocket Guides- Food and Farm Facts Pocket guides are bite-size versions of the Food and Farm Facts Book! Each guide features some of the most popular infographics from Food and Farm Facts.

My American Farm Activity Booklets- Create and play with the interactive 15-page My American Farm Activity Book! Learning about food has never been so fun; discover facts and 11 activities to complete.

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Confidently use the Pillars of Ag Literacy, so that you can save time and energy with your ag literacy efforts.