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Education | Aug 11, 2022

How Does Zucchini Grow?

Zucchini noodles, zucchini fritters or sliced zucchini in a salad – These are all yummy ways to eat the popular vegetable that is in season right now! But wait, IS it a vegetable?

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Classroom Ag | Jul 12, 2022

Foundation Awards Nearly $9,500 in Grants to Recognize Excellence in Ag Literacy

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has awarded $9,400 in grants to recognize the remarkable agricultural literacy programs of ten state and county Farm Bureaus. The grants are funded through the White-Reinhardt Fund for Education program, which acknowledges communities that are engaging with students on the fundamental role of agriculture in the everyday lives of all Americans.

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Common Questions | Jun 01, 2022

How Is Cheese Made?

Saturday, June 4, is National Cheese Day! When you think of cheese you may picture pizza or a charcuterie board, but let 's learn a little bit more about where cheese comes from.

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Education | Mar 28, 2022

Stories Encourage Kids To Grow Their Own Food

Growing food is deliciously rewarding – and it can be a fun challenge. Gardening is an excellent way to explore STEM in your classrooms or backyards.

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Education | Mar 22, 2022

Online Learning with "The Vibrant Variety"

We've created an e-learning module to accompany the My Little Ag Me book "The Vibrant Variety." Read along and learn more!

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Education | Mar 10, 2022

Food and Agriculture Science Experiments

Looking for some fun experiments related to food and agriculture? Need a science fair project? We 've rounded up some of our favorites from across the internet.

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Chew on This | Feb 07, 2022

Where Does Pizza Come From?

Before delivery, before the freezer, where does pizza come from?

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Education | Feb 02, 2022

Foundation for Agriculture Awards Over $25,000 in Ag Literacy Grants, Scholarships

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is celebrating and uplifting outstanding agricultural literacy programs with a total of $26,000 in scholarships and grants to help educators, volunteers and communities connect agriculture to students ' daily lives.

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At Home Learning | Dec 03, 2021

At Home Learning for December

Around the holidays, a lot of families do a lot of baking. For our December at home learning activities, let 's turn baking into learning! Reminder: this is our last at home learning activity post. We hope you have enjoyed the series and feel free to use the lessons for years to come.

Opportunities | Nov 17, 2021

Get Involved in Ag Literacy

Help others learn more about where their food comes from, how farmers and ranchers steward the land, how agriculture is everywhere, and how farmers & ranchers feed the world

Confidently use the Pillars of Ag Literacy, so that you can save time and energy with your ag literacy efforts.